Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm headed for a breakdown...

     We, as music fans usually find it a blast to go to concerts, and I am not one to be excluded. We have some good and bad experiences. I've been to some concerts where it was perfect, and some Ozzfest years where I was glad it wasn't me. A guy was laying on the lawn passed out during most the sets, I mean beer, 90 degree weather, and God knows what else and he stayed passed out and every once in a while would get up and run around yelling "WOOOOOOO" then high 5 everyone and pass out again (o.k, that wasn't bad for me...but I think you get the point.) Yes, some of my concert experiences personally have been filled with bad things, kicks in the head, vomit, the band Wicked Wisdom...just to name a few.

     One of the most predominant things was at a Breaking Benjamin concert back at Nation where the now Nationals park stands, where Erik was enjoying the music, and the guy in front of him just turns around (I think he was trying to make it to the bathroom,) and just heaves all over the floor. It almost got on Erik's shoes. After that he had to stand in it all night,and your probably surprised that being at Nation was the bad experience, but no, Nation (the two times I have been) were interesting considering the location, you could pay a crack bum $20 and he would watch your car all night, ah, simpler times. Now that does not beat out when Erik and I were watching Killswitch Engage, and we got kicked in the head seven million times (once in the temple unfortunately) but that comes with the territory. I will never forget when I blogged about this the first time, Erik was surprised that I took a beating like that! But it beats the time when I had long hair and some dude grabbed my ass (but on the upper hand, at Aerosmith I had a girl grab my ass, so that one was o.k.)

     At Family Values tour (I believe it was...or Ozzfest, man I'm getting old...no, it was values,) we saw Evanescence...and now I'm not a big fan of them, so I took this time to get snacks (and nothing beats $7 for chicken fingers and a coke.) I was on the lawn at Nissan Pavilion (known to you kids as Jiffy Lube Live now,) and was heading down as I hear profanity, and I look up and see a guy is recording the band with his cell phone, and they were doing a Doors song (I think that's why I decided to get food now that I think of it.) I felt bad until I heard a "God damn you, you fat mother fucker!" That's when I thought "mission complete.

     Now I think I mentioned this in my special edition where at Tom Petty people were telling my mom's neighbors (my friends) to sit down, and they were clearly drunk. They were feeling the back of my freshly shaved head (I mean who can't resist that?) and they actually had the nerve to SIT on me...not the back of the chair, but on MY back? Who does that, even when drunk? Oh well...it didn't ruin the show.

     Though all these "bad things" may have been a minor setback, I've seen Boston (my favorite band,) I have an autographed shirt by The Tubes, met Mudvayne (Chad Grey on a separate occasion...kinda.) Met Evil Jake from  Otep (only one that talked back to me,) met Hootie and the Blowfish, front row to see Nickleback, 7th row back from AC/DC (thanks Jon,) saw Tom Petty, Kiss, Killswitch Engage and Metallica 2 times each, high 5'd Ryan McCombs, and seen All That Remains God knows how many times, and Dream Theater in Toronto where James is from. Concert life has been good to me.

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