Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who do you love?

     Most people ask me what kind of music do I like, and I say "everything." Some people accept that and some I have to go into detail, I listen to a lot of classic rock, metal, 80's, and a little country, rap (I like the old school stuff better...) so I like something in at least every genre. Now I won't go so far as to say I like reggae or reggae-ton,  opera (though I do like classical...) anyway, a lot of people say everything but don't like jack squat..."Oh, I like everything as long as it's not country, rap, nu-wave, metal, or folk!" Gimme a BREAK!!!

     Well one thing you wouldn't start off a conversation with is "what kind of music do you hate?" Well if you ask me that you will hear a tirade about Michael Bolton, most pop singers 1994-today and about 98% techno. Now there are bands and artists I am not too fond of...like System of a Down (they were a phase for me,) Blink 182, Kittie, Hed P.E, and anything where Bruce Springsteen is screaming instead of singing...but I can see how people would like it. I also like hearing about others guilty pleasures (bands like Ace of Base for one of my friends...I liked them when I was like 14...but she likes em now.) Not really a high note...just something I've been dwelling over recently...

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