Saturday, August 27, 2011


"We saw you at Jaxx last night after working at 6 am, and no sleep then getting up at 5 am to get to work at 6 am again, with major hearing loss...I want to say every minute was worth it. This band is going places! Adrenaline Mob was the first concert I went into blind and enjoyed everything, every smack in the face, every push from people trying to record video. I want to personally thank you for coming to a small club and rocking it. This is the 4th time seeing you perform (once in Bristow, VA with YES, then Toronto, and then again at Bristow with Iron Maiden.) If anyone asks, I would definitely recommend this band, if you like metal, rock or even hard jazz, you guys cover the entire spectrum without crossing lines and coming off as "selling out" to a certain genre, and that is hard to find. I would love to see you guys again with one of the bands I have known Dream Theater to tour with. Again, thank you Adrenaline Mob for a great night of music, I really needed it" - My letter to Mike Portnoy on Thurs. August 18th after seeing Adrenaline Mob.
     The other week I was looking through my room and saw an old ticket stub, and thought nothing of it...just looked normal to me. But the next day I was on Facebook and saw that last year's post and saw that the old post was lyrics, and I picked up the ticket stub and saw "August 10th, 2010 Tom Petty and CSN." I thought "'s been a year since I saw a show." Not a good thing for someone who likes to blog music. Anyway I get on the computer 2 days later and see a post on a band called Adrenaline Mob (Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater's new band.) I told my brother and my friend Jake (Shameless plug: His blog, a day in the life. Check it out on my subscriptions.) We decided we have to go, I bought Erik's ticket, and mine...Jake bought his, and Jake and I had lunch and hit the road, meeting Erik up art the club. Typical JAXX style the ticket said doors at 6:30, when we got there the bands started coming 8:30.  Anyway, 1 band came on called Widow. I kinda liked them, and another band the girl had trouble keeping pitch and slammed the door in our face as we entered the bar area. Anyway, the supporting bands were OK, but as we got to A.M, the place was rockin'. Their songs were great considering I haven't heard any of them in completion before that night. Though I got slapped in the face by some dude's hair all night, it was a great show and I highly recommend it if you like metal, hard rock or even hard jazz. It fits a spectrum I have never heard before! So the year drought is over, I hope I can see more shows, and more shows like this at that!

     Sorry for being away so long, had an over extended business and I am going on vacation! I hope to come back from Canada with more music stories, and tales of interest. Until then keep hitting the HIGH NOTES!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chug-a-Lug You Strawberry Man!

     Who ever thought Puff Daddy would make any sense? "When you hear a song, make sure you hear it right, don't make an ass out of yourself by assuming..." Here is a blog I have been meaning to write since I started this blog a year if you don't remember what a "mondegreen" is...or if you are too lazy to look at my first blog, wikipedia describes it as mishearing a lyric in almost perfect homophony. Now we've all heard people say they thought kiss the sky was Hendrix singing " 'scuse me while I kiss this guy."(which is actually how Jimi got out of the army...but that;s neither here nor there right now.) The term Mondegreen came from an old song where the singer said "I shot him and laid him on the green." I guess people freaked when they thought they said "and Lady Mondegreen" (what did she ever do?) Even Ellen DeGeneres got it wrong thinking the Eagles were singing "Wipe in the Vaseline." There are some good ones out there, let's make fun of the people who hear it wrong! (Myself included.)

     You know the term Gringo is based off a mondegreen? It's true, myth has it that the Americans were singing this old drinking song called "Green Grow the Lilacs," and the Mexicans overheard, and well...history was made. Now I have been known to have this happen before, when I was little (these examples ranging from when I was 10-14,) I heard the song "Across the River" by Bruce Hornsby, and I would sing "Some fine day, we will find our way...Fossarilla, Fossarilla." What the hell was a Fossarilla? Oh...across the river...don't look at me, I'm dumb. Also Alanis Morrisette saying the cross eyed bear that you gave to me? Oh...cross I bear. I thought Dave Coulier gave her a cross eyed stuffed bear, how would I know? I always knew it was bad moon on the rise, but Erik and I would love saying "there's the bathroom on the right." My friend had a Christian song called "I Exalt Thee" and said when she was little she thought it said "I salt thee." I mean who blames the Beatles wondering if they will be needed when they are 6 feet's 64?

     I once heard someone sing "Chug-a-lug you strawberry man" in public to Jungle Love by Steve Miller, and when I bought a book (an excellent read if you like funny comics) called "'scuse me while I kiss this guy" oddly enough that and the next example were in that book. Erik was dating a girl once and I was friends with her little sister, and I was telling her that people thought the song "Our Lips are Sealed" by the Go-Go's (then more popular by her as the song covered by the Duff sisters...)  was Alex the Seal. Now the funniest part is the girl he was dating actually thought it was Alex the seal. Well I won't give away any more of the case you want to read it.

     Now some bands will sing their misheard lyric (the previously noted Hendrix, Manfred Mann, and ELO) live when they heard about it. Imagine hearing "Don't bring me down BRRRUUUUCEEE" or "wrapped up like a douche" at a concert. most fans would be scared and confused, and wonder what was going on.

     Well if I give all my examples, I might as well have written out that entire book, and I don't want to do that. So until next time, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES! (and get your damn hearing checked...)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

G'N' Are you kidding me???

     I was at the grocery store the other day, and I get in the car to go home, and the radio is playing November Rain by G'N'R from the beginning. So I was thinking about how I hate when people put this song up or quote it during an actual November rain...anyway, so I was driving back home, and when it got to the bridge of the song, it started raining. I thought that was an interesting placement. It's things like that which makes life worth living.

     I would like to apologize if I have any loyal readers, I have been having a rough time, and used that story as a warm up blog. I will get to the story I wanted to tell early June but couldn't. I needed time off...

Hope to be hitting the HIGH NOTES again soon.