Monday, August 6, 2012

These words he speaks are true. We're all humanary stew... if we don't pledge allegiance to The Black Widow!

     So it's been a while, I haven't had much to say, and I have been super busy. I hope to start this up again regularly and bore ALL of you again! So I went to see Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden (yes...Maiden again.) I believe I have mentioned before about how I had the chance to see Cooper and missed out. Anyway if I didn't, short version is I went to get free tickets and couldn't get the tickets to get to the show. When he opened he was singing Black Widow...which caught me off guard for I was expecting "Hello, Hooray." Anyway he played a lot of his good songs. He played "No more Mr. Nice Guy," and of course "Feed My Frankenstein" and "School's Out." It was nice that he did the decapitation/I love the dead bit, and during School's Out he incorporated "Another Brick in the Wall" and yelled "EXPLOSION!" before the confetti cannon went off. All the guys did great, good to see Ryan Roxie back, and Orianthi is a fantastic guitarist. I have seen Maiden 3 times and do believe I blogged about them at an earlier time.

      Unfortunately with the loss of time I did not do this blog when it was fresh and lost a little, but what I did do, was got Alice Cooper's new CD. I like that he has the surviving original members when Alice Cooper was a band, not an artist. People like Kip Winger, Ke$ha, and Rob Zombie/John 5 make an appearance too. I like this album and like they didn't make a sequel to Along Came a Spider...because they could not really go anywhere with the concept album...though I am made of you would have worked for that too.

     On other topics, everyone was talking about a new Aaliyah song. I looked it up because her final album was produced a while after her death, and I thought they said she finished most of the vocals before making Queen of the Damned and had more mixing to oversee (though I don't doubt the production style of Timbaland.) I thought the producer's used all her unused music to finish the album... which unfortunately the break between QotD and her going to film her music video was when the accident happened. I'm sure the movie would have been better and she would have had more albums out and R&B/Hip Hop wouldn't have partially died with her.

Well, until next time guys...keep hitting the HIGH NOTES!