Saturday, March 31, 2012

Until your love comes back around...

     I'm back blogging world. I apologize for my absence, crazy weeks in the music world. The loss of Whitney Houston, and Davey Jones, I could not bring myself to blog because that was all the other bloggers could write about, I didn't want to sync in with the others but I also didn't want to not write about it and be disrespectful. Now a loss we suffered today was Armand Crump, Kerry King's guitar tech. I haven't heard a cause, but still sad. A well respected man in the music industry, so I hope it was nothing foolish.

     Anyway, I was listening to "All I Need" by Jack Wagner (who sang that at the Christmas show to be sort of like "remember me?") and I remembered mom being impressed of me knowing all the words to Summer of '69, since I was around 4 when it came out. So I searched youtube's recommended songs and they had "How Can I Fall" by Breathe. I remembered singing to that as "you just won't give me raisins" instead of reasons...not a mondegreen...I was just joking about that one. Oh the good times in music.

     There are some great tours coming this summer, I hope to catch at least one to blog to you guys about. My main one is Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden, I have seen Maiden a few times but have been trying to see Cooper for years, even after I won free tickets. The next one is KISS and Motley Crue, that would be nice if KISS doesn't open and wear me out like they did the KISS/Aerosmith tour. Last but certainly not least is the Aerosmith and Cheap Trick tour, that would be nice to see. I loved seeing Cheap Trick live, I wanted to see The Scorpions too, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

     Well I hope to write about those shows sometime soon, until then, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES.

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