Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hard for me to say I'm sorry...

     I notice a lot of people saying things about certain bands losing their touch. One of the most notable being one of my favorite bands, Chicago. I see people saying they lost their unique sound when the 80's hit. I would like to say I disagree. I do agree they lost a lot when Terry Kath died, I mean come on. His style was the 70's in a nut shell. Him and Peter Cetera together were amazing. Yet, the 80's slowed Chicago down and made themselves a ballad band (though Along comes a Woman  was a great upbeat song...) but we forget one of Kath's best songs was Colour my world...hell even KISS did "Beth," and that's one of their best known songs. It's interesting the way the full transition went, but honestly...who even thought two of the guitarists from the Yardbirds would do "Forever man" and "Kashmir?"

     It's like in the late 80's when Boston started to fall apart. When third stage came out (the album with Amanda, Cool the Engines, and a lot of Tom's solos) and the band was really starting to crumble, he forged on and they didn't lose touch, they filled the gaps and when they lost Brad to other projects, they forged on with Fran until Brad came back. Now what worries me is the new album coming out, the last of Brad's vocals. They only finished 80% of the album when he took his life. Even INXS finished Elegantly Wasted before Michael killed himself, yet I think here what it will sound like. We all know Tom Scholz isn't known for piecing together albums in a timely manner, yet some of these comments about these bands being "sellouts" worry me. It's like when people said Metallica sold out. I still feel they were hard driving riffs with "we won't take it" lyrics (given low man's lyric kind of destroys that last sentence,) Cyanide is a good reference to my point. I think that song gets to the core of the meaning of this blog, and drives into your soul and lays a nest.

     So in conclusion, I can't wait for the next Metallica album, Black Sabbath album and still listen to stuff like Paramore and Wayne Static. Until then, stay diverse in taste and keep hitting the HIGH NOTES.

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