Friday, January 27, 2012

So very very far away, maybe it's only yesterday...

     In 1969, there was a song by a group called Zager and Evans called 2525, and let me start off saying they were 2 members of a band called The Eccentrics. The band broke up and Denny Zager and Rick Evans went out to form a pop duo (very common for that era,) and though they made a lot of songs, this was their only hit. Now the duo was expected to get the same success as the Beatles...but they only made that hit. It's a song about the world lasting until that time, as a kid I would listen to it and get creeped out. Now I just listened to it and thought  "what?" The song starts off as in the year 2525, if man is still alive, then 3535, then after 5555, and so on they say in the year 7510 and 8510...well that's random, oh wait, rhyme scheme. Now after the duo broke up, Rick Evans went on to be a solo singer and writer, and Denny became a guitar teacher and sells his own style of guitar on his website.

     Now there was a duo in the 80's  named Buckner & Garcia who tried their damnedest to make it as a real pop duo, including co-writing the theme for a show called WKRP in Cincinnati. Now unfortunately for them when they put out their most popular song "Pac Man Fever" in 1982, they were pretty much expected to follow up (which they did, with songs called "The Defender" and "Do the Donkey Kong" after their song about E.T was shelved) that pretty much solidified them as a video game band, and despite their best efforts, they compiled a CD named Pac Man Fever, solidifying their destiny. Though the duo continued writing songs and made a new song for a website (that you can find on, or Rock Band Network, or my suggestion, youtube.) Though they were seemingly on a comeback, Gary Garcia died of undisclosed circumstances in Nov, 2011.

      Like the late Jani Lane of Warrant, most of his interviews cursed the song Cherry Pie, which was just put on as a fan favorite to sell albums, he became the cherry pie guy, he said he was doing things like cherry pie eating contests, and ended up dying alone in a hotel room due to alcohol poisoning. The music industry is rough, even if the sights are stacked in your favor, there is no guarantee you will end up the next Metallica. Until next time, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES!

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