Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm only human, of flesh and blood I'm made...

     Well, I'm back (sorry, I had a few things to deal with.) So I am going to start 2012 on a high note and try to make Thursdays the blog day again, though I am writing this one on a Friday just to get back in the swing of things.

     So I was reading something today, and I try to stay on top of music history for everyone that reads this...just to spread my knowledge, and I am a tad bit embarrassed about this, but I was under the impression that Fats Domino was dead. I knew he was rumored  when Hurricane Katrina came, and he refused to evacuate...but that was debunked. He actually stayed with of all people JaMarcus Russell, the free agent football player who played in Louisiana, then later the Raiders (also his granddaughter's boyfriend.) Later I heard that he was to do a concert but fell ill and died. Now that is where I got that idea...but apparently he is still alive and well. Anyway, one time I was on youtube listening to the BoxTops, and it was the exact day that Alex Chilton passed away, and I did the same for Crispian St. Peters when he died, eerie huh? But as you can see, even as a blogger I make mistakes, but hope not to be misleading.

     Anyway, has anyone heard the new song Tattoo by Van Halen? David's voice is shot, and it's missing a bit backup wise without Michael Anthony, but it's got the classic writing and most of the classic sounds of a Van Halen track, the more I listen the more I like it. I mean the video looks like a classic Van Halen video with a few new tricks, Though I don't think Wolfgang Van Halen fits the bill (though I like his "Jump" era bass guitar and I want one.)...and Alex looks old as anything now, but he is STILL one of my favorite drummers. I am looking forward to the new album.

     Another new album I am looking forward to is the classic lineup Black Sabbath album, I was so excited over that news. Even though they say Tony Iommi has Lymphoma, he says he won't let that stop him from making the album, as for a tour though, no one knows. In fact there are a few albums that have come out in the past year and a half that I didn't expect. Phil Collins and Elton John (who said they wouldn't do another album,) Devo, the Cars, Ratt, even Metallica are said to be working on a new album. Yet in all this excitement I haven't even gotten Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton's new album (though I will chalk that up to the fact I am not one for live music...but that is another blog all together.)

     So that said, I hope to be back soon, and hope in May I have that new, tattoo...ok, I'll shut up now. Keep hitting the high notes!

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