Friday, September 30, 2011

Terrible Lie...

     What songs do you listen to when you are down? Are you a misery loves company type and listen to the downer songs? You know, the type that are considered sappy when listening to them in a good mood? Are you the type to resort to the songs that make you want to throw chairs, like Stabbing Westward, Disturbed, or well anything thrash. How about Pure Hatred by Chimera, or  Payback by Slayer, the songs that make you want to rip someones eyes out and squish them like grapes...or are you a Beethoven person? It's amazing what music can do when we need it.

     One of my go to Cd's when I am mad or down is Nine Inch Nails "Pretty hate machine." I love that CD to death, it's almost a therapy session for me, and was only $13. The first 3 tracks alone get me screaming along, then moping, then screaming, oh God it's great. Another go to band is Disturbed, their first album, and Ten Thousand Fists are good anger chasers, even what they did with Land of Confusion (I wouldn't listen to the Genesis version when mad.)  A few overused and non useful things are St. Anger and Smashing Pumpkins. I can not get into them as an anger extravaganza (so to speak...though Master of Puppets is good.) I am not a classical music mood fan, I listen to it when I am anxious, but not mad...I think it might make me hate it...but a good song for bad moods is "You Can Do Anything You Want To" by Thin Lizzy.

     So whatever side of the spectrum, songs are like apps...there's one for that, but hopefully my followers aren't getting too mad, but if you are, you know where to turn. Till next time, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES!

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