Saturday, November 8, 2014

The long and winding road...

   Sorry it's been a while. Crazy things going on... anyway, if I could have taken anyone along for the ride, it would have been you! (This excludes Erik, because he was there for most of it.) Anyway, there are some bands I have gotten into in the past year, some concerts I went to, albums I bought. Ready? Let's go!

    So it's been a year since I wrote here, so I will try to sum it up as best as I can. I have gotten into some bands (Volbeat, Haim, Sixx A.M, etc.) that I never knew existed, or were new. I have also gotten more into bands I loved for a long time, like I saw SOiL twice (more on that in just a second.) I also went to Mayhem fest where I got to see Mushroomhead again, Ill Nino (from afar) Trivium, yet again... not complaining. Though I did not like the 2 headliners much the first time I have seen them (though one I saw again and liked) KoRn really impressed me, this time they brought it. Now the first time I saw Avenged Sevenfold, I was no where near impressed (though they had just followed Adema, who I was a big fan of at the time.) Well this time they didn't have to lead in for Ozzy and whoever was before him (I wanna say System of a Down, who I do not care for.) They were headliner, they had their own set. It was a huge castle with pyro, and LCD screens in the back and a giant "king" on a throne of skulls. It was an amazing show, and they dedicated a song to Rev, it started pouring rain, and of course we were on the lawn.

    When I went to see SOiL the first time they seemed mad, and later we found out why. Well the first time was a chilli cook-off with no chilli, no beer, barely any food, and 2 stages that you had to shift back and forth to get to. Well apparently some of the bands were talked to about not getting paid. We found this out because at the second concert, we actually talked to the band! I got to meet them. I got a picture with Ryan McCombs, and an autographed set list. Later on they sold an autographed vinyl record on their website for $12, I had to snatch that up. It was just nice to actually talk with them and they seemed to be genuinely happy to talk to the fans, and I got to tell Ryan I talked to him on Facebook, he said "on purpose?"

As for new music, I bought both Slipknot, and Bob Seiger's new album. I was so excited about Seiger, but when I listened to it the excitement kind of dropped. His notes are still well done and his lyrics aren't what you would think coming from him. Though his voice has aged, still not as scary as John Fogerty when he sang with the Foo Fighters. The new Slipknot, however is full throttle smash faces in with baseball fun for all Slipknot fans. Corey really brings it, and doesn't quit until the end.

So it has been an interesting year. I will try to keep up with this now that things are less hectic and I can focus, so until then, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES!

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