Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Special Edition: Crazy on You

     As much as I love concerts, I have not been able to go to all that I wanted to. I got tickets to Heart and Jason Bonham's Zepplin experience, and was so excited. $15 to see an interesting concept AND a band I loved as a kid? Why not? Unfortunately, Erik got sick and decided it was best not to go, and as the planets aligned, as they sometimes do, and I got to take a date to the concert. Now she knows music, but is a Country fan. I thought this would be perfect, a way to show what I like.

      So as the Led Zepplin experience took the stage, they were playing, and I thought "not only did we arrive JUST in time, but they sound pretty damn good!" I'm sure if I closed my eyes, it would have been what I would have imagined what Zepplin sounded like back in the day. Though they only played 30 minutes, I thought it was an amazing venture into rock history, hearing Jason's story, listening to the official backing drum track his dad laid down years ago, and getting to experience what it was like, I think the only thing that was more classic than this was seeing Black Sabbath with Bill Ward, ya know, before the screw job contract.

     As the opening band left the stage, the mood was set, it was getting dark,and it was exciting. Then all of a sudden, Nancy comes on and plays the riff to Barracuda... I think that was a gutsy move. Usually bands save their most popular or best work for later. As the concert went on, going on the recordings and word I have heard from people, I have heard Heart sucks live. Well the recording studio must have messed with the sound, and people must be hard critics. Nothing was farther from the truth! From Nancy's solos and her lead on "These Dreams," to Ann's always fantastic vocals, this is a concert to see! I like that they played Alone, and a few songs I haven't heard before. Nancy even sang an Elton John song (I Need You to Turn to.) As Ann said, "I am going to turn the microphone over now." (and she did just that and turned the mic backwards... Very funny...) I hope they come back. I would LOVE Erik to see them, after his selfless action, and it was nice to see Heart gain a new fan. We had to leave early before the big group finally (plus Jiffy Lube Live is a pain to get out of anyway.) I heard the final songs as we left, but I don't know how I would have felt about it if I stayed... I am a music snob, and need my covers to be great (maybe that will be a next blog?) Anyway, I hope this isn't a lackluster post, it is late and I could not sleep... I figured I would get this out of the way. Thanks for listening, and oh yeah... OOH BARRACUDA!

Keep hitting the HIGH NOTES everyone!

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