Monday, April 18, 2011

Just me...

     I'm back. I am currently downloading some music for my mom. It's funny that her son is downloading music she likes, is it not? I mean I love all kinds of music. I downloaded things like Paul Simon's "you can call me Al" and a bunch of other classic 70's and 80's songs...but the only thing I hate about Itunes downloading, is I forget a song I want, or don't think of it until the card is gone. I guess it's the excitement of the download.

     On another note, I see in my own CD collection how much stuff I have that my family would like, and how much they don't (keep in mind, mom likes Metallica, Megadeth, and some Slipknot...and I like .38 Special, Yes, and Peter Gabriel.) I also think outside the box when I download, I listen to what they want, and know a lot of obscure stuff.

     Anyway I will leave this off by saying aww...Brittant Spears is trying to make a comeback...isn't that cute.

Well, till next time a more informative blog. Untill then...keep hitting the HIGH NOTES.

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