Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beatles vs. DC5?!?!?!

     My dad and I were talking one night, and he said at one time there was a major discussion over who was better, Dave Clark 5 or The Beatles. I was shocked! Either this happened when they were both starting, or at least before their hay day. Hell, even Paul Revere and the Raiders were like "we're screwed" when Sgt. Pepper came out. Now Dave Clark 5 DID have some pro points to the argument, but it looks like it would be like comparing the new-age old story the hare and the slightly slower hare. Though I was yet to be even thought of, here is my take on the matter.

The Beatles: Ah yes, good ol' John, Paul, George and Ringo...or Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe. With Pete being dismissed for having a day job and always being late (so I'm told,) and Stuart going off to be a world famous artist, you know what? can draw your own conclusion from that statement. Now, for the young kids who scoff at the former members...if they even listen to The Beatles, we will skip to Beatlemania! This band started off . They were the first British band on Ed Sullivan... they made movies, and as Bart Simpson said "they are the guys who wrote all those songs on Maggie's baby songs tape." Come on now, do I really need to explain who The Beatles are? If you need explanation, Lennon was shot, Harrison died of cancer, Ringo died mentally a LONG time ago, and either you were just born, live under a rock, or need to be repeatedly hit over the head with a mallet or other hard substance multiple times...
here's a song by them.

Dave Clark 5: Now when I mention this band to my friends, they automatically think "who?" Well DC5 consisted of Dave Clark (manager, singer/leader/drummer/writer) Lenny Davidson from the Impalas (guitar) Rick Huxley formerly of the Riverside Blues Boys on bass, and Denis Payton (deceased) from the Renegades on Sax, harmonica and guitars, and Mike Smith (deceased) on keyboards and vocals. DC5 was the second British band to make the Ed Sullivan show (right behind that one band...what was their name?) They struggled for years to become #1, but I would say due to sales records and what I see today, that never happened. They had good, catchy songs (glad all over, catch me if you can, bits n' pieces.) The thing I personally find better about these guys is, I have heard all The Beatles (originally released) albums, but I am still discovering gems from DC5

So in my opinion, The Beatles have always been ahead since they started. There were no Dave Clark 5 movies or cartoons like The Beatles...they didn't have action figures, and stuff like that. They ended in 1970, so no one really overlapped. Now Dave Clark was almost cooler than Ringo, in terms he was more in the business, but Ringo is more neat. Ringo could have never lead the entire band, but when most think music, they think The Beatles. Now another thing, The Beatles all went on their own, and made their own music. Dave Clark took over the show Top of the Pops as a producer, and some of the other guys took a hiatus. So my tally, Beatles win. At least it wouldn't be a land slide comparison to Tommy James and the Shondells.

So until next time, I hope to have another special edition concert one. Until then, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES!

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