Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh no, tears are falling!

      Erik and I were looking through the XBOX netflix stream, and they had a KISS dvd on. So we watched it, and it was shot at Nissan Pavilion in 2004, I thought that was amazing! The place I saw KISS the last 2 times, and they shot a video of the concert I missed! It was a dream come true! They played songs they never play anymore, off of their older albums, even "love her all I can." (which was remade where Gene and Paul backed up Anthrax...but that's a later blog all together.) On the video, they had little snippets here and there on how they get ready, meet he fans,'s mind blowing. I mean hey missed out on some of the finer Gene eats a piece of red candy to make his tongue red...which they did show on Gene Simmons family jewels, and I think he talks about it in his book. Anyway, it would be nice to see KISS at Jiffy Lube Live (that Nissan Pavilion place under a new name,) but we did not get tickets in time.
      Now on to other things, my friend sent me the video to fight for your right to party. She told me she used to love that song, I told her "I used to like the Beastie Boys too, before they sold out." But as the song was done, I saw "Party Hard" by Andrew I listened to it, and memories flew back of how...though not a bad front man, all his songs are the same thing. I think the thing that got him noticed was his charisma. We saw him in Toronto once when he was with a side project called "To Live and Shave in L.A" He looked so depressed to be there...he did not look like himself, and the vocalist looked like he was trying to keep his balance while doing handstands on the ceiling...though he was standing...might have been the Canadian beer. Anyway, you don't hear much from him anymore. One of the things about musicians, you're here for a year, and then sent off to Japan just to keep your name alive.

     On a personal note, I am picking up my bass again. First time in three or four months, and I don't suck as bad as I thought I would. I still suck, don't get me wrong. I always wanted ti do something musically, but have even lost my way with writing. I would say it's the critic in me, saying even my old stuff was bad...but some of my friends like it, some of them rip me a new one. I will hopefully get new inspiration soon to write again. When I explained to my friend, who was a musician, she told me "it happens." None truer words spoken. I just listen to the positive, and don't send to the naysayers anymore.

     Well my first ever special edition is coming up soon. I am going to see CSN open for Tom Petty. I will give a review on it, personal and otherwise. I saw Tom last year (I think...) and was astonished at his performance. When I first moved out, I bought Erik a Rolling Stone magazine with Tom Petty, and he said he would cut down performances a drastic amount due to his age, and looking at his tour, I would love to see what his tours were before! This is one tour I can say I hope he plays new stuff! I haven't said that since Boston, (again, KISS does not count, because psycho circus came out the tour before I saw them.) But all in good time.

     Well that will be all for this week, until next time, keep hitting the high notes!

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