Sunday, August 8, 2010

Genesis (not Phil or Peter... )

Ah yes, the beginning....Where does one start? Most would say the beginning is a good place to start, so I will tell you my reason for this blog. One is for opinions on music: There are many things I feel about music, and a lot of other people have opinions to. I want this to be a learning and sharing experience. I want you to learn, and I want to learn too. Facts: another thing I want this to do is share facts. Birthdays, song/band meanings, you name it, I will do my best to regard it. From birthdays and so on. Concert/CD reviews: I will do concert reviews on special editions, depending on the popularity of this, I will try my hardest to make it weekly. Since I am doing this for free, I guarantee nothing. Though there may come more reasons and topics (discussion/communication, future releases, etc.) these are just the basics. I am doing this for something that my friends can enjoy, learn and talk about. If there's anything you want me to touch up on, let me know.

Alright, let's start this thing. One of my favorite things in music is the mondegreen (from the ballad "the Bonny Earl O'Moray") someone misheard: "They hae slain the Earl O' Moray, And Lady Mondegreen." When in fact it was and "And laid him on the green." (Don't worry, Lady Mondegreen lived a full life.) So you can use that tidbit of info to impress your friends. Now I have been known to come up with some of these myself...but my favorite I read in a book called "scuse me while I kiss this guy." Was BTO's classic song...not "Takin' Care Of Business," but "Bakin' Carrot Biscuits." In fact that and "Our lips are sealed" (Alex the Seal) are ones I sing along to regularly. I know I probably get looks from people, and those artists will one day read this and sue the pants off me, but it's fun to hear what people thought was said in a song. Sure it's embarrassing if it's you, here is an example...Bruce Hornsby's "Across the River" when I was 11 or so, I thought he said "we will find a way, fossarilla!" I had searched high and low to find what fossarilla was...sounds like a cheese. Come to find even Bob Dylan had a situation that he thought The Beatles "I wanna hold your hand" instead of "I can't hide," he thought the words were "I get high." Now I won't lie, I thought that too...but I was 6, and always associated being high as happy, or love. See, not even Bob Dylan is perfect.

If you're wondering, yes, I am listening to "Fossarilla" as I type. Off the subject of mondegreens, there are other things in music like rewrites, if you watch Metallica's some kind of monster, you will see the different compositions of "Frantic," but also some record producers have their artists change the lyrics to accommodate sales. The band (The) Sweet who did "Ballroom Blitz" and "Fox on the Run" made a song "Love is Like Oxygen." The line says "Love is like oxygen, get too much you get too high, not enough you're going to die." I love that lyric, but I found the original song was going to be "Butt love is for Lots of Men." Given they were a band that consisted of homosexual men, it's hard to say what came about on that one. I love the published lyric, but it took away the artists licensing to do what they wanted. But on a lighter note, there are songs out there that came about on accident. Gary Newman's "Cars" for example. Someone left their equipment in the studio, and all he did was play around, and got his biggest hit!

Well I hope you liked the first edition, I hope to make more soon, including more special editions. Feel free to e-mail me (please put Cito's notes in the subject) for any questions, comments, things you want me to write about, etc. Until next time, keep hitting the high notes!


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