Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

     Some bands have cool names, right? Did you know that some bands have had names other than what they are known for? Some bands change their names? Why? All have different reasons...they thought it was cooler, the record company said it would be better, or someone suggested a better name. There are many reasons...but one thing I do know, is sometimes they make the better choice.

     The band Finger 11 was once named "Rainbow Butt Monkeys." Seriously, I could not make this up. They are from Burlington, Ontario who met in college and it was the age old "we should start a band" deal. They changed their name to be taken more serious, and I think it was a good change. I would personally take a band called Finger 11 seriously.

     INXS was another band that changed their name in the late 70's. There was a band called Dr. Dolphin, and when that broke up (Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farris and Gary Beers,) the mainstays were enticed to join with Andrew's older brother Tim, who was in a band called Guinness with Kirk Pengilly. They needed a drummer and this is when it clicked, and the youngest brother Jon Farris came in. Jon was still in high school, and they always practiced in separate rooms but never thougt of getting together until this happened. Here's where I get to the point...they were called The Vegetables (hence their song off the first album "We are The Vegetables.") They eventually called themselves The Farris Brothers. Then one day a crew member said "you should change your name to INXS." (Kind of like XTC.)

     Now I know I said "bands," but this happens so often, that I HAVE to say something. Puff Daddy Sean Combs. He has changed his name so often (Puff Daddy, Puffy fir short, P. Diddy, Diddy.) The reason he was called Puff Daddy was he would go into a huff when he was mad during football, and daddy as in the man. then P. Diddy was just to shorten, and he dropped the P, again it seemed he just wanted to...though this caused controversy in the U.K because there was another artist called Diddy.

     So with bands and such like Sweet Children (Green Day) Blink (182) and (Razzle, Stain) Lit, it is not uncommon to see a band change their name. Sometimes due to legal obligations, or for something they think is better, or even if they want to be taken seriously. I just thought after last blog, and before the second instalment there needed to be one light hearted post. So until next time, keep hitting the HIGH NOTES.

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